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formally charged 24-year-old james holmes today. we have the very latest. >> reporter: james holmes looked the same as he did last week in court, at times dazed and confused with bright orange hair. only this time cameras were not allowed inside as the prosecution laid out 142 charges against him. >> 24 counts of murder in the first degree. 116 attempts. one count of class four felony possession of an explosive device. >> reporter: in a show of solidarity, many of the victims and their families attended the hearing and heard the accused killer speak for the first time. when the judge asked if holmes wanted to waive his right to a speedy trial -- >> i believe he should be locked away for the rest of his life. >> reporter: when the judge mentioned the death penalty, holmes looked at him and he ordered the return of the journal. >> that anyone can take away somebody's life by just going to the movies, and i also felt sorry for him in the sense that here was a brilliant person that could have done a lot of good. >> reporter: there was a silent message for holmes in court. several victims wore
the judge and a sea of onlookers. >> reporter: with dyed orange hair, 24-year-old james holmes sat silent in a colorado courtroom looking dazed and tired. >> you're currently being held on a no-bond hold. >> reporter: this is our first look at holmes since free day morning when he opened fire inside a movie theater killing 12 people, injurying dozens more. >> i'm trying to not deal with the anger. it's a decision when you feel like you can forgift guy but you know he's going to get justice. >> reporter: holmes is being held on a single murder charge. >> i would say there's no such thing as a slam dunk case f is a case -- case. it is a case where we're looking at the evidence. >> reporter: police spent weekend detonating booby traps inside holmes' apartment and removing explosives. they're combing through his computer saying his home was full of batman paraphernalia. today's hearing also comes after an emotional weekend for aurora. thousands attended a prayer vigil and president obama met with the victims' families. while the d.a. is considering the death penalty, she said first she wants
. james holmes bought a rifle just hours after failing an exam for a doctorate program back in june. according to fox news holmes isn't a notebook that contained details on how he was going to kill people but the package remained unopen for nearly a week before it was found on monday. after the initial shock and horror of another mass shooting here, the focus turned to the nation's gun laws. neither president obama nor mitt romney have made it a focus. we look at the colorado shooting and the public's sentiment on gun control. >> reporter: americans have a historic love affair with guns and fierce keep your hands off of them attitude. in the wake of the horrific colorado shooting, some politicians, mostly democrats are demanding action. >> what freedoms do we protect when the tools of mass murder are so easily available. >> reporter: polls show little appetite for any major overhaul. 64% said restricting them is preferred. james holmes killed 12 people and wounded 50 others. colorado's governor said dunn laws would not have stopped him. >> he would have found explosives. >> reporter
james holmes is expected to be formally charged next week. police said the 24-year-old opened fire during the movie killing 12 people and injuring dozens more. they spent the weekend detonating booby traps inside holmes' apartment and removing explosion sighs. the home was full of batman paraphernalia. >>> three other men accused of make threats during or after watching the new batman movie have been arrested in separate incidents. in maine a state trooper stopped 49-year-old timothy courtra. he had ab a-- an assault rival and news clippings about the shooting in aurora. he said he had been to the batman movie with a loaded gun in his backpack. >> clearly, he had some sort of infatuation with law enforcement. i think he enjoyed having other people move out of the way. >> he said he was on his way to new hampshire to shoot a former employer. he is charged with having a concealed weapon. california a man was arrested after he made threats in the movie. in arizona movie goers were confronted by a man who appeared drunk at the screening. >>> 200cally what whats seized from a home are g
and steve smith have donated to the fund for victims. as for the accused shooter, james holmes, will be back in court on monday. >>> this is one of the few joy testimony moments we've seen some out of that shooting. bonnie kay returned to her home state. he is was shot in colorado. after three surgeries she has been reunited with her friends and family. >>> the man filed a suit against the administrator. kennedy emailed the photo to allen. kennedy faces one charge of terroristic threatening. >>> on squareoff the panel will be talking about the shooting in colorado last week and the conversation about gun laws. squareoff airs right here on abc2news on sunday morning. >> it's all about the clouds. keeping our temperatures. we're at 88 degrees. that could allow for showers and storms to fire off later this evening. the temperature just jumped 91 degrees. notice the sunshine coming out. 90 for your high. ocean city around 89. pax river, 94 degrees. salisbury, maryland at 99. maryland's most powerful radar is clear overhead. as we expand the shot, wove pea noticed active weather to the south. we
over that notebook that james holmes sent to a university of colorado counselor. he had been a student at the school until he dropped out in june. through it, looking for preplanning, motivation, purchase of weapons, all of that goes to motive and his justifying for what he did. most people that commit these types of crimes, are very open about talking about why they are doing it. >> fox news reported the notebook arrived an campus days before the shooting but officials say that is wrong, the package was delivered on monday, the same day it was found. >>> and in the wake of the shooting nine major police groups went to dc today to call for stronger federal gun laws. among them the baltimore county police chief jim johnson. they want background checks for all gun buyers and a ban on high capacity magazine clips. the background check would mean anyone who buys from a nongun dealer would also have to have the check. currently that doesn't take place. >>> now the latest on the huge sink hole that opened near hopkins hospital. bge went out today and closed off the gas cap, engineers using
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)